Hacking & Controlling Toy flyers, a quadrocopter


    This semester project focused on the design of a Printed Circuit Board for a commercial and cheap quadrocopter, we wanted to control via Bluetooth and improve. The idea was to start with a already working quadrocopter, to avoid the development of a new one, because it can be very long. As this project is the following of the project of B. Gütermann, the flyer was already choose: the quadrocopter Alien Jump Jet, that you can see below.

    This PCB stand above the original one of the quadrocopter in order to keep the low-level control and the motor control already implemented in this toy flyer.  With a Bluetooth module to replace the Infrared communication, we have better data rate and a bidirectional transmission. Moreover we took this opportunity to add other components, to improve the autonomy of the flyer. To drive the quadrocopter, we also designed a PCB for a remote.

    Finally, we succeeded to communicate between the flyer board and the remote with the Bluetooth modules by UART, but due to lack of time, we did not have the time to implement the communication with the sensors, and to do some close loop control.

  • Bottom view of the PCB after manufacturing and after soldering.


  • Remote: two joysticks, the bluetooth module and the microcontroller below











  • The quadrocopter with the new PCB