Christophe Massemin, L.

Tools and Framework for Drosophila Models

This semester project is part of a more important project which consists in the study of the gait of the drosophila melanogaster using neuro-musculo-skeletal modelling.
Such a modelling includes a parametrization of the muscles and the joints whose parameters values are partly decided during an optimization algorithm.
The main goal of this semester project was to facilitate the realization of the modelling, this has been done in several ways by creating python programs.
The first tool, a json files editor, is designed to make easier the creation/deletion/modification of the joints and muscles that are stored in the json files. 
Next, a 3D viewer was created to display the gait data of the simulated models.
Finally, a claws detector was built in order to acquire physical gait data from a walking drosophila.
The figure below shows how the created programs are integrated in the bigger project.