Robot Description

Cheetah-Cub-S is a hybrid robot that combines the pantographic leg design of Cheetah-Cub with a flexible spine. It thus gains the ability to steer. The spine can bend laterally much like a spine of lizards and is actuated by a single motor located in the middle between fore and hind trunk segments. Cheetah-Cub-S can turn with a radius of 0.5m and a speed of 0.35m/s with a non-optimized gait, taken from Cheetah-Cub. Higher turning-speeds should be achievable with the optimization of the slipping behavior. The steering is not limited to one fixed radius at the time, that was confirmed by letting the robot run a slalom with different turning radii. Additional experiments classified the payload capacity of the robot. Another comparison study with Cheetah-Cub was done in which  without a spine and abduction/adduction was investigated. 



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