Cheetah-Cub was not fundamentally altered from its early development days. Some major changes are introduced with Cheetah-Cub-AL. The leg was redesigned and features now a (to the saggital plane of the leg) symmetric diagonal spring, canceling unwanted bending behavior present in previous Cheetah-Cub-versions. Additionally, making use of classical CNC-manufacturing techniques with aluminum in combination with ball-bearings in every joint, friction was reduced, alignment of the axis and repeatability of experiments were improved. The changes to the trunk are little but feature now easy access to the control board for development purposes. Another major change is the switch to a new operating system, Jokto, that improves stability and ease of use. Tuleu implemented inverse-kinematics of the legs for control purposes. This allowed to tune gaits much faster andmore intuitively. The robot was featured recently in Prof. Ijspeert’s talk in TED Global Geneva.


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