Publications Biorobotics Laboratory 2003

Journal Articles

S. Schaal; A. J. Ijspeert; A. Billard : Computational approaches to motor learning by imitation; Philosophical transaction of the Royal Society of London, series B. 2003.

Conference Papers

S. Schaal; J. Peters; J. Nakanishi; A. Ijspeert : Learning Movement Primitives. 2003.

Book Chapters

J. Hallam; A. Ijspeert : Using Evolutionary Methods to Parameterize Neural Models: a Study of the Lamprey Central Pattern Generator; Biologically inspired robot behavior engineering; Springer Verlag, Berlin, 2003. p. 119-142.
A. Ijspeert : Vertebrate locomotion; The handbook of brain theory and neural networks; MIT Press, 2003. p. 649-654.