Thesis: Supplementary Information

Please find here the supplementary material of my Ph.D. thesis dissertation: Discrete and rhythmic motor primitives for the control of humanoid robots. Sarah Degallier, 2010, EPFL

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Matlab Code

Matlab Code, Chapter 3 : matlab_chap3.tar.gz
Matlab Code, Chapter 4 : matlab_chap4.tar.gz



Movie 1 : The Hoap2 playing the drums (first score) (real robot)
This movie shows the Hoap2 is playing a pre-defined score. 

Movie 2 : The Hoap2 playing the drums (second score) (real robot)
This movie shows the Hoap2 playing another score

Movie 3 : Moving drums  (simulation)
This movie shows the Hoap2 adapting its movements according to the position of a drum pad that is moved.

Movie 4 : iCub playing the drums (real robot)
This movie shows the iCub playing the drums during the fair Automatica in Munich (2008). This time, the score is defined on line by the user through a GUI.

Movie 5 : Contact feedback (real robot)
This movie shows how the arm of the iCub is stopped when it encounters an obstacle. On this movie the contact information comes from the electronic drums, so in the second part of the movie it can be seen that the robot can be “tricked” by hitting the drums before it does.

Movie 6 : Visual feedback (simulation)
This movie shows the iCub smoothly adapting its trajectory to moving drums.


Movie 7 : Crawling (real robot)
This movie show the robot crawling under different angle shots.

Movie 8 : Reaching (real robot)
Movie of the robot crawling and then stopping to reach a mark on the ground.

Movie 9 : Modulation of speed (simulation)
Movie of the robot  crawling at different speeds through the modulation of the stance duration

Movie 10: Steering (simulation)
Movie of the robot turning with an angle of 0.5 radians (5 times faster than real time).

Movie 11 : Contact feedback (simulation)
Movie of the robot clearing an obstacle (a 10° slope) with and without feedback.
Movie by Ludovic Righetti

Movie 12 : Path planning (simulation)
Movie of the robot evolving in a time-varying environment with obstacles (in red) and targets (in green). 
Movie by Sebastien Gay