Thesis Movies

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Chapter 2: State of the art

Jake, the blind dog


Chapter 5: Sensory feedback

Stumbling correction reflex (SCR)


Chapter 7: Simulations

Ghostcat, rocky terrain, open-loop, 2, 3

Ghostcat, rocky terrain, closed-loop, 2

Ghostcat, uneven terrain, open-loop, +SCR

Ghostcat, uneven terrain, closed-loop, 2

Ghostcat, upwards slope, open-loop

Ghostcat, upwards slope, closed-loop, failure example

Ghostcat, pushes, open-loop, 2, 3

Ghostcat, pushes, closed-loop, 2, 3

Ghostcat, RPV correction, open-loop (ill-parametrized)

Ghostcat, RPV correction, closed-loop

Ghostcat, turning, top view

Ghostcat, summary (ICRA 2013)

Oncilla, uneven terrain, open-loop

Oncilla, uneven terrain, closed-loop, slow-motion

Oncilla, downwards step, open-loop 

Oncilla, downwards step, closed-loop, slow-motion

Oncilla, downwards slope, open-loop

Oncilla, downwards slope, closed-loop, slow-motion

Oncilla, lateral stepping reflex

Oncilla, asymmetric load carriage (0.4 Kg), open-loop

Oncilla, asymmetric load carriage (0.4 Kg), closed-loop

Oncilla, freerun on difficult terrain

Oncilla, summary (IROS 2013)


Chapter 8: Hardware experiments

Oncilla, forwards, open-loop

Oncilla, backwards, open-loop

Oncilla, in-place turning, open-loop

Oncilla, walk to trot transition, open-loop

Oncilla, lateral stepping reflex, closed-loop

Oncilla, upwards slope, open-loop

Oncilla, upwards slope freerun, closed-loop

Oncilla, vertical obstacle, open-loop

Oncilla, vertical obstacle, closed-loop

Oncilla, uneven terrain, open-loop 

Oncilla, uneven terrain, closed-loop 

Oncilla, uneven terrain freerun, closed-loop 


Chapter 9: Case study: sensory feedback delay

Oncilla, IMU delay = 0

Oncilla, IMU delay = 30

Oncilla, IMU delay = 60

Oncilla, IMU delay = 90